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Brief introduction to Tools testingIn todays environment with reduced development cycle times, complex integration work and rapidly deployed applications testing is even more crucial. Automated software testing, with
Brief introduction to Tools testing

In today's environment with reduced development cycle times, complex integration work and rapidly deployed applications testing is even more crucial. Automated software testing, with the right technologies and methods is not only a cost efficient strategy but becomes a critical and strategic necessity. An automated test framework with appropriate testing tools runs thousands of tests allowing for easy assessment of the current status of testing tasks and software development. This enables you to fine-tune the process and initiate the necessary correction steps.

The six basic web Security concepts that need to be covered by web Security testing are: confidentiality, integrity, authentication, ization, availability and non-repudiation.

Why hire Tools testers from Nova

Our competency

Nova's Tools testers have been actively engaged in this field for 2 years. Most of them have 2 years of software test experience. Our competency lies in following aspects:

  • Several types of testing can be used tools:
    • Functional test: testing that operations perform as expected.
    • Regression test: testing that the behavior of the system has not changed.
    • Stress test: determining the absolute capacities of the application and operational infrastructure.
    • Performance test: providing assurance that the performance of the system will be adequate for both batch runs and online transactions in relation to business projections and requirements.
    • Loading test: determining the points at which the capacity and performance of the system become degraded to the situation that hardware or software upgrades would be required.
  • Several testing management tools can be used:
    • Bug Tracking tools: such as Bug Track, Mantis, etc.
    • Test planning and test cases management tools:
  • Other competency:
    For example, excellent communication skills and comprehension ability, strong testing result analysis capability.

As a company, Nova backups our Tools testers with:

Our experience

Via accomplishing several Tools testing projects, we found that Tools testing can give clients several benefits as follows:

  • Reliable: Tests perform precisely the same operations each time they are run, thereby eliminating human error.
  • Repeatable: You can test how the software reacts under repeated execution of the same operations.
  • Programmable: You can program sophisticated tests that bring out hidden information from the application.
  • Comprehensive: You can build a suite of tests that covers every feature in your application.
  • Reusable: You can reuse tests on different versions of an application, even if the user interface changes.
  • Better Quality Software: Because you can run more tests in less time with fewer resources
  • Fast: Tools run tests significantly faster than human users.
  • Cost Reduction: As the number of resources for regression test are reduced.

We have completed 5 projects in Tools testing field. To learn our expertise in this field, please refer to the related case studies:

Tools testers working time

Nova's Tools testers work dedicatedly for you, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The dedicated testers will work under your timeframe and you can contact through MSN/Skype. In urgent case, you can also directly call on testers mobiles.

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